Category - Issue: 1st quarter 2017

Issue: 1st quarter 2017

See me, see Jesus

Last week I gave my son his first pocketknife. It was a big deal because for him to have it, he had to earn his scout “whittling chip” award. Having that whittling chip means that the scout understands knife safety because he has...

Issue: 1st quarter 2017

What Have We Got?

In the preface to God in the Dock by C. S. Lewis, Walter Hooper, in writing about a certain time when he and Lewis were reflecting on the issues facing Christianity in the modern culture (specifically reception with younger...

Issue: 1st quarter 2017

Overcoming the Past

By Kelli Young As a fairly new Christian, I sometimes feel as if my past as a non-Christian continues to follow me. When I became a believer and was born again I quickly latched onto learning everything I could about God, Jesus...

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